LITERARY DIVAS IMPOSTER ALERT- Real Literary Diva Heather Haliah Covington is Not the Impersonator on Blogspot Radio


I know this woman with threaded eyebrows and a serious protective style is not trying to deceive and pretend to be Literary Diva on Blogspot Radio, and soliciting people for money in exchange for an interview. This impersonator knows I have been the owner of for over a decade, wrote the award winning Literary Divas history book, and by the way I own all the trademarks for the use of the word, Literary Divas in publishing.

So check it out, I want all of her life savings from soliciting interviews and impersonating me as owner of Literary Divas. My moniker and trademarks are published in countless magazines, books and I have hosted numerous events.

BEAUTY BREAK- Fresh Flowers For the Vanity

Distinguishing your space from his space is a must for every Literary Diva’s Beauty Zone.

Fresh flowers help to define your space with  not only visual beauty, but fresh scents.

Flowers are available all year round from your local florist. No need to spend a lot.

Op for a wild flower blend and if you need more scent, you can always spray flowers with you favorite scented sprays to add more fragrance to your beauty zone.

Fresh cut flowers remind you of feeling beautiful and certainly will motivate you to look your  Literary Diva best.

How to Make the Most of Pretty Bracelets

Bracelets always add a chic edge to any outfit, but you can wear an armful of bracelets for a truly goddess look that stands out.

Try layering different colors, designs and types of bracelets. You can even mix real gold with junk jewelry and beads. Try to add a splash of color that matches your outfit or various shades of the same color family.

Have fun with your bracelet combinations. Remember to only combine thin bracelets. Wearing an armful of chunky bracelets will give you an overstated look. You don’t want to overwhelm your outfit, but rather accentuate it.

Keep bracelets in cloth pouches to avoid any tarnishing. Just because it’s junk jewelry doesn’t mean it has to look like junk on your arm.

Best Neutral Smokey Eye make-up Tutorial

Most Literary Divas don’t need a lot of make-up, but if your going to apply it, you might as well apply it right and with confidence. Noting is worse than eye makeup applied incorrectly, too dark or too light.

Even after years of mastering applying eye-makeup, anyone can benefit from video tutorials on the latest blending techniques and trends to give that effortless look for photographs.

Eyes have it all. Happy watching Literary Divas. There will be a lot more of our fav video tutorials.

How Every Literary Diva Has Got To Own Her Personality

Jewelry adds character to one’s personality, but rings simply make the woman.

You can also, tell a lot about a woman’s character by the kind of rings she wears. Diamond rings indicate she’s in a relationship, married, engaged or just has expensive  taste.

Silver may indicate one has a fetish for it or can afford this kind of jewelry more, so one buys a lot of it.

Gold can indicate one works, can take care of herself or has a lot of friends who happen to gift with gold.

Junk jewelry may indicate one is young at heart, likes to experiment with looks, outgoing and has overall fashion sensibility.

If a person wears one ring, it’s because she’s more glamorous than flamboyant. On the other hand, if a woman wears a lot of rings she may not be able to make up her mind on which ring to wear or is simply crazy over rings.

Whatever your reason is for wearing rings, know that rings tell a lot abut you and attract people in your circle just like you.

It’s better to wear some rings than none at all.  You wouldn’t throw out a ring, would you? So not wearing a ring is like throwing away your personality. Every Literary Diva has got to own her personality.

My Pretty Journal- Think Pretty Literary Divas

Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘You are as gorgeous as you feel?’

Well, if you don’t affirm your feelings in writing, you’ll never remember those moments that made your day feel brighter and prettier than ever before.

Maybe it was your trip to the flower market to add fresh gardenia’s to glass vase in your bedroom, or the day you added rose petal water to your bath that your special someone gave to you as a gift.

Whatever those’ Feel pretty’ days are you must write a little a note to self to not only remind yourself of how pretty you feel, but just how pretty you are.

Now pick up that pen Literary Divas and begin expressing those pretty thoughts. You are what you WRITE.


Bold lip color never goes out of style for everything from photo shoots to the red carpet, but everyday people get a kick out of bright bold colors, too every once in a while.

Take a day to shop for a variety of colors you’ve never tried. Invite friends over to try on different make-up and share opinions on what is a ‘go’ or ‘ no’. You can always choose to wear a color you personally like even if someone says, ‘NO!’

GET THE LOOK- Sparkling Red Nails

Red is always a mainstay nail color for Literary Divas who don’t mind being in the spotlight, but if the color isn’t precisely applied everyone notices.

Chipped, ragged and brittle nails could send a message to others that your all about hard work and no play. If you want to attract more conversation, book fans and leave a lasting impression to new fans, show that you care about yourself as well as book sales. Fans appreciate the time authors take to groom themselves for success. After all, your a role model for book lovers and future authors.

The Beauty of Neutral Lipstick and Make-up Palettes


One of he boldest and breathtaking looks on any Literary Diva is the natural make-up palette. It’s where you find everything from blush, eyeshadow,  bronzer and lipstick as close to your natural skin tone as possible to give a natural and flawless look. Finding the right neutral make-up palette takes a few shopping trips to your favorite beauty supply and make-up stores, and it can take months to perfect make-up application.

Beauty experts spend years acquiring cosmetic licenses, so never despair if you can’t seem to perfect every make-up application. There are plenty of make-up gurus online with instructional videos and you can watch them all, but perfecting your look starts with you experimenting with products until you create your own signature neutral palette.

How to Find Your Best Lipstick Shade

Your simply a Literary Diva if you take the time to shop for the best lipstick shades for your skin type. Nothing makes a Literary Diva look and feel more glamorous than lipstick, but the wrong color shades can offset even the best outfit.

Knowing the right colors that fit your skin tone can take a lifetime with forever changing products. After all, your skin tone actually changes during the seasons. Don’t expect to get it right with one shopping. You may have to adjust your  lipstick shades to every season, your personality and even mood.

Be daring and bold. Don’t be afraid to try new colors.

Try many lipstick shades until you get it right. Use the back of your hand to get a sense of what lipstick shades best suit your skin tone too start.

Literary Diva Organization Ideas for Literary Diva Beauties


Without an organized beauty zone it becomes more  of a chore  keeping up with beauty regimens. True Literary Diva beauties are consistently neat, organized and on their A game. This means every beauty tool has a place. You use a beauty tool, you know where to put it back. Having consistent organization leads to one acquiring more success.

If you have make-up on your dresser, sink and on top of your commode you may be in need of a Literary Diva Beauty organization makeover, but may not know where to start. Getting organized can be an expensive task, but your mental organization is worth the investment.

After all, no one wants to see your toothpaste, toiletries  and makeup on display.

Invest in easily assembled cabinetry to conceal  products like shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair dye products,  nail polish remover, body oils, lotions, curling irons and more. Beauty organizer Shelves, cabinetry and beauty organizer doodads  come in all shapes, sizes and colors, plus widths and heights to meet any sized space and your personality.